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Being told to stop

Friends and family don't like seeing you bite your nails, and they let you know it.

Does it help prevent nailbiting?

18 people reported trying it, and...

14 people said it did not help.
🫤 3 people said it helped a little.
1 person said it helped a lot.
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Reviews from nailbiters

🫤 Helped a little

Really has to be someone you trust, it will come with a lot of RSD, but it helps if you're with someone often.

Reviewed April 2024 by Anon
❌ Did not help

My friends and family have always tried to get me to stop. Whether they told me gently or harshly, the problem is that you stop for a moment, but as soon as that person is gone, you bite. Not a reliable strategy, but thanks mom, you tried.

Reviewed April 2024 by Kian - Age 30 - Male