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Emery Boards

Sandpaper on a stick.

Does it help prevent nailbiting?

4 people reported trying it, and...

2 people said it did not help.
🫤 2 people said it helped a little.
No one said it helped a lot.
What about you? Have you tried it?

Reviews from nailbiters

🫤 Helped a little

It helps only with hiding evidence of mass biting, it sands all the annoying edges left, it gives a peace of mind for a day or 2

Reviewed April 2024 by Anon - Age 40 - Male
❌ Did not help

These sandpapery things suck. My nails are already thin and shredded from me biting them, so when I use one of these industrial tools on them, they get even worse. They get wrecked. There's already barely anything there to file, so they hurt because they reach your skin. And they are left rougher and more ragged, making me want to mess with them even more.

Reviewed April 2024 by Kian - Age 30 - Male