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Finger Gloves

Latex or rubber covers for your finger-tips.

Does it help prevent nailbiting?

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Reviews from nailbiters

✅ Helped a lot

These are like little finger condoms. They don't give you clammy hands like latex gloves, which is a big improvement. But they still give you clammy fingers, and the tips will even get pruny if you keep them on a long time. The ones I got were very fitted, which was important for typing and anything else that requires dexterity. I think they are for people who sew, which makes sense, since they would need to maintain their dexterity. I was able to type with them just fine, which solved a major pain point for me compared to all other types of gloves. I got the ones from Carmel and Savona They look way too weird to wear in public but work very well at home. The good ones are much more expensive than disposable gloves, and they still get dirty quick, so it would be costly to keep replacing them, but maybe worth it for how effective they are.

Reviewed April 2024 by Kian - Age 30 - Male