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Hands Down app

A Mac App that watches you via the webcam to catch and stop you biting. Available at handsdown.kianpak.com

Does it help prevent nailbiting?

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Reviews from nailbiters

✅ Helped a lot

It works really well, I still bite sometimes, but less for sure - it helps me each time to at least recognize that I started to bite. thanks for keeping my fingers clean and can/will only recommend it to other nail biters! :)

Reviewed April 2024 by ploppypop
✅ Helped a lot

After spending the last 15+ years chewing my fingers, fingernails, pen caps, and more, HandsDown has given me some hope to finally crush this oral fixation/habit. I find things the worst when I'm working at the computer, which consumes 8+ hours of my day as someone working from home. Going on day seven now and I'm already finding great success with HandsDown. 10/10 will recommend it to my friends.

Reviewed April 2024 by Josh - Male