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Invisalign is a clear plastic retainer that is meant to straighten your teeth. It's a series of trays that you wear for 2 weeks each, and each tray is slightly different, so over time your teeth move into the desired position. It's a bit more expensive than a retainer, and you have to go to a dentist to get it, but it's a good option if you want to straighten your teeth anyway.

Does it help prevent nailbiting?

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Reviews from nailbiters

🫤 Helped a little

Helps especially while doing a task, unhelpful when off

Reviewed April 2024 by Anon - Age 18 - Female
✅ Helped a lot

Helps a lot while you have it and becomes a habit not to bite afterwards. However, as soon as there is an accidental relapse, not very useful :(

Reviewed April 2024 by Anon