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Strong Will Pen

A portable pen-shaped device with a brush tip for applying a bitter tasting liquid to your nails.

Does it help prevent nailbiting?

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Reviews from nailbiters

🫤 Helped a little

These pens are a really nice invention, huge kudos to Strong Will for making this pen. So easy to apply with one hand in any situation. No risk of mess. This was clearly invented by nail biters because they understand our problems well. Unforunately it rubbed off easily, needing to be reapplied after washing my hands. And eventually I actually got used to the bad taste. I never thought I'd get used to such a repulsive taste, but I guess you can get used to almost anything. Also, it rubs off on everything you touch, including food and significant others. You end up tasting it all the time, and not just when you bite your nails.

Reviewed April 2024 by Kian - Age 30 - Male